Bill Cosby judge declares mistrial; prosecutor vows to retry case

“I will release you on that same bail to await the decision of the Commonwealth,” the judge said.A mistrial, O’Neill said, is not a vindication for either party. After 52 hours of deliberations, O’Neill continued, the jury’s work is “probably one of the more courageous acts, selfless acts that I’ve seen in justice.”

It was an unsatisfactory end to a 10-day trial that turned “America’s Dad” into an accused sex offender.

It was not immediately known what the vote was, but it was clear the prosecution failed to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt in the view of at least one juror.

In the courtroom, neither Cosby nor accuser Andrea Constand, who was present, showed much emotion. After court was dismissed, Constand stood, a smile on her face, and hugged those around her. For more about the article here click here

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