Trump Calls on Cuba to Return Assata Shakur (Pac’s Godmother) to the U.S.

Donald Trump announced that he is officially repealing President Obama’s policy that eased restrictions on travel and trade between the U.S. and Cuba, on Friday, June 16. In doing so he laid out some of his conditions for normalizing relations with the communist-governed island, with one particular demand that is drawing a solid no from Black freedom fighters. Lastly, on what was to be Tupac’s 46th birthday Trump called for Cuba to extradite his godmother Assata Shakur, who he referred to by the government name of Joanne Chesimard. Assata has been living in Cuba since 1984 when Fidel Castro granted her asylum after she managed to elude authorities for five years following her 1979 escape from prison. Trump’s reference to her as a “cop killer” is one that has been echoed by law enforcement in New Jersey since her 1977 conviction as an accomplice to the murders of an officer and a comrade, that resulted from a shootout set off by a stop initiated by New Jersey State Troopers.  Read more about the article here

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