DETROIT “The Movie ” Aug. 4

In 1967, on a hot summer night in Detroit, Michigan, three young black men were murdered in a motel by white police officers. Two days earlier, police had raided an unlicensed speakeasy a mile away and arrested its 82 black patrons, triggering one of the bloodiest civil disturbances in American history.“The Algiers Motel Incident” sounds like it should be the title of a horror film—one of those obscure indie projects about an unexplainable alien or ghostly encounter at a rundown lodge off the interstate. The real-life incident had no such supernatural element, but was even more horrifying. And it still seems all too familiar 50 years later.

The murders, and the 1967 Detroit riot during which they occurred, are the subjects of Zero Dark Thirty director Kathryn Bigelow’s next film, Detroit. Its first trailer documents the Algiers Motel Incident in awful detail, as a group of young black men and women seek refuge in the motel during the riots, only to be attacked and rounded up by police as if they were enemy insurgents. Star Wars‘ John Boyega stars as a black police officer trying to mediate a situation quickly deteriorating into chaos. Check out more about the article and the movie

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