The “Queen of Pop” has a solid idea for the Amazon billionaire’s next investment – the Motor City.

Madonna wants Jeff Bezos to invest in Detroit.(Photo: Free Press news service photos)
Jeff Bezos has been extra busy lately, having just purchased Whole Foods for $13.7 billion.
Madonna has a solid idea for the Amazon owner and billionaire’s next investment.
Two days after Bezos requested ideas for philanthropic investments on Twitter, the Bay City native and “Queen of Pop” sent a tweet to Bezos on Saturday – with mentions to the Detroit Achievement Academy, Detroit’s Downtown Boxing Gym and Detroit-based Empowerment Plan – urging Bezos to invest in the Motor City.
“@jeffbezos you, me, the motor city. Let’s go and I will show incredible opportunities for almost instant impact in one of the coolest cities in America #Detroit
The tweet’s been retweeted more than 375 times and “liked” more than 1,450 times since Saturday.
Madonna, a 1976 graduate of Rochester Adams High School, has made investments to Detroit’s Downtown Boxing Gym and The Empowerment Plan in the past. And Bezos, whose net worth as of this month is $84.1 billion, is looking for “a philanthropy strategy that is the opposite of how I mostly spend my time – working on the long term.” Check out more on the article here 

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