How to talk to your significant other about money 

5 questions to ask before combining finances (or not) You’ve swiped right. They laugh at your jokes. Intellectually, you’re inspired.

There are a lot of important dimensions to deciding on a life partner. But one that consistently gets overlooked is what they are like financially.

Though your financial chemistry may not be what’s lighting you up right now, one of the most important things you can do as a new couple is to get to know each other money-wise. Taking a relationship to the next level is often a key time to have a money talk. Finances should be talked about early and often to avoid larger conflicts, stress, and turmoil later on, says Megan Ford, a financial therapist based in Georgia.

“We are often conditioned to feel awkward and uncomfortable entering these discussions, even with the most intimate of partners,” she says. “Money is cause for a lot of anxiety, guilt, and shame.”

Getting that conversation going can feel weird. And busting out your spreadsheet over wine or whispering “I’ll show you my Mint, if you show me your Betterment,” in bed may not get the reaction you’re looking for.

Ford suggests beginning with these conversation starters, instead. Of course, take the time to answer these questions for yourself, too. Read more about the article here CNN money stream

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