Instagram introduces photo and video replies for stories 

Instagram is today adding new functionality to its Stories feature that will allow users to reply with photos and videos. Head below to learn how to use the new feature.

Users can now reply to Stories with a photo or video by tapping the camera button while watching one, allowing them to capture a photo, video or Boomerang on the spot, as well as access the usual editing tools like filters, stickers, etc before tapping “Send” to share.

The replies will also include a special sticker for the Story itself that you’ll be able to resize as pictured in the screenshots above and below:

The replies will show up highlighted in blue in the Direct message inbox of the person you are replying to (pictured above), and like normal photo and video messages will disappear after being viewed. And users will be notified when a photo or video reply is captured as a screenshot or replayed, again like normal photos and videos sent within Direct messages.

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The update is rolling out today to Instagram for iOS, version 10.28, on the App Store.

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