The Exact Diet Russell Wilson Is Using to Cut 10 Pounds

Wilson is on-track to lose 10 pounds before the NFL season starts—and we can tell you exactly how he did it. In an interview with ESPN, the sixth-year pro revealed the new health habits he took up after he says he felt too heavy and too immobile back in March. At the urging of his wife, he visited Philip Goglia, a nutritionist who’s worked with NBA players like Kevin Garnett and Carmelo Anthony, as well as celebrities including Kim Kardashian and former Men’s Health cover star Chris Pratt.
Goglia’s plan may sound intense, as it involves nine meals and 4,800 calories per day. Wilson also cut out gluten and dairy from his diet, as Goglia had him focusing on caloric heat that helps him lose fat and gain muscle. Here’s the breakdown.

In the mornings, the QB starts with a tablespoon each of almond butter and jam before working out. His actual breakfast typically entails two cups of cooked oatmeal, six eggs, a fruit, and a chicken breast. No surprise there. After all, Chicken is one the leanest forms of animal protein.

Then there’s a mid-morning snack of fruit and 12 almonds. For lunch, Wilson eats twice, both times consuming eight ounces of protein with a yam or a cup of rice or a potato and a vegetable.

Next comes another snack of a fruit and 12 almonds. There’s just one dinner, consisting of fish or steak and vegetables or a salad. And finally, two options before bed: fruit and a tablespoon of molasses if the next day will be light—or a mash of shredded wheat, applesauce, almond butter, and jam if tomorrow will be more intense. Get shredded the way your suppose to be Pro testosterone

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