Hear Shaquille O’Neal Diss LaVar Ball in Rap Song With Jay Z Sample

What started as good-natured ribbing between Shaquille O'Neal and LaVar Ball took a pointed turn. On Friday, Shaq dropped a diss track aimed at Ball's Big Baller Brand that accumulated over 1.5 million views. 

Rapping over Jay Z's "Blueprint (Momma Loves Me)" sample, O'Neal flaunted that he averaged 2.2 points per game coming off the bench during his time at Washington State. He told Ball he'd need some "Icyhot" if they ever played together. 

Ball responded – icily – to O'Neal's video. "Hey man, are people still doing diss tracks? Ball asked Overtime. "Ain't he like 50? Who’s going to listen to that bullshit? To remain relevant, he's got to put my name to whatever he is doing. Everybody is forgetting about Shaq … His career been over for a long time. so now it’s time to jump on the Big Baller’s coattails."

The feud between O'Neal and Ball began a few weeks ago when Ball said he and his youngest son, LaMelo Ball, would "kill" O'Neal and his son, Shareef O’Neal, in a hypothetical game of 2-on-2. O'Neal responded with a playful video on Instagram saying he would "superglue this wig to my head forever" if Ball ever beats him (as he lip-synced to Carrie Underwood's "Blown Away.") 

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