The Power of EDDM

We’ve compiled a list of the most common ways small business owners use Every Door Direct Mail to grow their businesses — so that you can too.

1. New customer acquisition

Send postcards, flyers, or coupons to every mailbox in your target market. If you want to effectively reach new customer prospects, and convinve them to make a purchase, you have to give them a reason to do so.

2. Increase sales and revenue

Every business depends on sales to function. With direct mail marketing, you can pro-actively reach out to new and existing customers with content and promotions that generate ROI.

3. Drive store or website traffic

Even the best products and services don’t sell themselves. Great marketing is the difference between stores and websites that are buzzing with traffic and sales potential, and those that fade into obscurity.

4. Grand opening or relocation

The singular goal of a grand opening event is to generate as much local awareness as possible. The more awareness you are able to generate, the better positioned you will be to succeed in your local market.

5. Introduce products and services

Successful businesses continuously introduce products and services that match the preferences of their customer base. For example, a pizza owner might create a new pizza called “The Monster” in an effort to differentiate from competitors and generate buzz.

6. Promote events or special offers

Holding a fundraiser for a charity or a good cause? Use EDDM for local outreach and simultaneously boosts the profile and reputation of your business. It’s a win-win opportunity to help those in need, while helping your business.

7. Build community awareness

In small communities, everybody knows your name. But, in medium to large-sized communities, the opposite is true. With EDDM ,your business can become a household name overnight, in virtually any community.

8. Deliver content to become SME

Are you a realtor, attorney, or medical doctor? Consider publishing a monthly newsletter full of valuable content related to your industry that will benefit local citizens. At some point, they will need your services — and know who to call.

9. Develop new markets

If you want to attract new customers from local markets or surrounding areas, EDDM is a perfect way to drive results. It’s also the perfect way to launch multiple locations as your business grows.

10. Ward off competitors

Keep you competitors in check by staying front-and-center in the minds of locals. As soon as you stop marketing, you create a vaccum that other businesses will exploit to gain market share.

Use one or more of these suggestions to connect with the local customers who matter most. These batle-tested uses for direct mail can help drive increases in lead generation (calls and clicks), sales, and ultimately, your success as a business owner.

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