Amazon’s grocery store of the future opens today: no cashiers, no registers, and no lines

Amazon is breaking into physical retail in a new way.

Amazon’s checkout-free grocery store opens in Seattle on Monday.

The online retail giant first started testing its grocery store with employees in December 2016, when it also revealed its vision for a store without cashiers.

The store, called Amazon Go, doesn’t work like a typical Walmart or supermarket — instead, it’s designed so that shoppers will use an app, also called Amazon Go, to automatically add the products they plan to buy to a digital shopping cart; they can then walk out of the building without waiting in a checkout line.

The store opening Monday is 1,800 square feet, according to Reuters, and it’s located in an Amazon office building.

The idea is that Amazon’s machine-learning technology can automatically identify when a product is added to your cart, so you don’t have to do it yourself. When you leave the store, Amazon automatically charges your Amazon account.

The stores will sell ready-made food, staples like bread and milk, and other grocery products. At 1,800 square feet, the store is relatively small compared with big supermarkets.

Internal company plans show Amazon could build 2,000 grocery stores across the US in the next decade

Here is what Amazon says it will be like to shop in one:

Amazon Go sells prepared foods and other grocery staples.

Everyone who shops needs an Amazon Go app. You scan a QR code when you walk in.

You scan the app on a futuristic turnstile when you enter the store.

Everything you add to your bag is automatically added to your cart — the system is designed to know whether you put something back.

When you’re done shopping, you can simply walk out of the store.

The store will automatically charge the credit card on your Amazon account and send a receipt to your phone.

The first store is set to open to the public in downtown Seattle.

The moral of the story with this super high technology store is that Amazon is far ahead of the game than the rest of the store chains.

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