Errand / Courier Service

Why Hire a Professional?

People go to errand runners when they can spare the costs required to make their lives easier. Getting someone else to do your chores can give you free time to relax or focus on other important things. Professional errand runners are thorough with their work, eliminating the possibility of errors.

Picking Up Dry Cleaning $15/ hr.

Bank Services – about $12/hr.

Shopping: Grocery, Retail Store and Gifts – $25 hr. + more for additional store visits

Picking up food – $10/hr.

Post Office Services – $15/hr.

Car services: Cleaning and Servicing – $15/hr.

Most car owners wash their vehicle once every two weeks. Car companies recommend changing the car’s oil every 7,500 miles. Errand runners can drive your car to the wash to get it cleaned or to the mechanic for an oil change.Since these are driving errands, it can cost you $30 per hour.

Factors Affecting Cost

Errand running services are usually charged by the hour. Apart from the charges mentioned above, the final cost may vary depending on several other factors.Urgency of the task: Emergency or ScheduledAn emergency requirement could cost you an additional $5 per hour, given the possible limited supply of workers available to perform the work on short notice.

In-house or Driving (Deliveries and Pickups)

• In-house errands – $25 per hour

• Driving tasks – $30 an hour + $.50 per hour as mileage fees

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