Home & Office Movers

Local moves are $35 per hour, per mover, broken into quarter hours. Moving time varies according to the size of the unit, amount of contents and whether the we are hired to load and unload only or also handle the packing.

Typical costs:

• A studio apartment takes two movers–at $35 each per hour–an average of 2-4 hours to load, transport and unload for a price of $100-$200.

• The same service for a 900-square foot two-bedroom apartment with three movers will take 4-6 hours and cost $300-$450.

• Price for a three-bedroom, 1,750-square foot house using four movers who load, transport and unload, runs $600-$900 and takes about 6-9 hours.

• A larger home with more than 5,000-square feet will take six or more movers 8-12 hours and is priced around $1,200-$1,800.

What should be included:

• Loading, transport and unloading of all household goods should be included, except for very heavy or fragile pieces — like big screen TV’s — which require special packing techniques.

Additional costs:

• Packing and unpacking services are available for $25-$35 per hour, plus the cost of packing material.

• Plasma TVs may be shipped locally for no extra cost if they are in their original packaging. If that is not available a special plasma TV packing box is available for rent at around $50. Older style large screen, non-plasma TVs may require extra manpower to load, which would increase the cost by about $25 per hour.

• Summer and weekends are priced from 20% higher.

• Stairs, long or difficult distances from the truck to the door are priced higher.

• Tipping is common for movers and runs $3-$5 per hour or 7-15% of the total move cost.

• Insurance for a move runs about 30 cents per pound.

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